Primer to Koronir

Rothgor The ogre slayer!

Bah , blythe has been insisting that a few of write down key points of our adventure. But why me? A barbarian of all things sitting at this small wooden table writing by candle light. My ancestors surely must be laughing at me , but I owe blythe many things and if it keeps me away from what ever commotion salim is causing downstairs in the tavern ill gladly take a moment to recap some highlights. Once escaping from the traps those little wimp of goblins had set up for us we began our trek through the frozen woods once again, however in the distance we began to heard what sounded like a large thumping . Not until the creature was close enough did we come to understand that it was a ogre ! Me and the druid to this point wonder if perhaps it was the same one whose den was waywards behind us that me and him had scouted out. We were going to let it pass by till the idiotic beast took master blythes mule, not that I cared much for the actual mule but i could hear my ancestors song of glory at the thought of taking down such a foe. So we lept into action , at first we tried to be sneaky with the beast, if you wonder how well that turned out lets just say that a tree trunk being hurled at you isnt exactly a sign of those who walk in shadows, personally i think the damn thing just smelled all the hash on salim …him and his hash. Without much thought I charged at the beast , the dragonborn imbued me with his magic and the next moment I was eye to eye with the ogre , imbued with other buffs from my allies I felt like a titan ready to smash my giant axe down on the ogre and with a mighty slash i hit him across the chest. …… He didnt take to kindly to that and thumped me so hard on the back of the head that I saw several salims on my way down. I thought I was a goner but that stubborn mule that began to ran off had more priority rushing off to my aid my allies got me back on my feet and we began the chase, looking around I had no choice but to use the one handed axe the ogre seemed to possess since mine was no where to be seen………I will miss fenrir very much , twas a loyal weapon till its end. Finding the ogre pinning the mule near our cart once again I filled my mind with rage and was enlarged into titan size , this time with a ferocious roar I slayed the beast. Gaining back our mule and a usefull giants sack……despite the fact i can never seem to get the smell of dung out of it………. . We arrived in blythes home town shortly after where following a chain of events I had met my traitorous bond brother…I was a fool to leave that town letting him live. Somehow I know that me and his lives will cross again , next time that is where his journey will end. I cant remember much after that I got so drunk the night on the ship that I woke up to see that we were invading an island……. and they thought i did horrible things when i was drunk . Needles to say after discovering the island was secretly a big weapon to kill either humans or dwarves due to being surronded by a very angry dwarven army we had to wipe them out…with little loot to show for saving the invading forces whom would of died without us. But we eventually got to our destination and delivered the package and was rewarded, I thought another one of blythes little adventures had come to an end, but of course the king was shot… a gun……which I coudnt keep…..ah such fine craftmanship the gun was , truly a marvelous weapon! So now here we wait at this inn for news on the kings condition, however it seems we will be heading back to blythes hometown after this. Well I have writen more then enough that I want to in my lifetime , oh damn it all I think salim found more hash.



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