History of Koronir

1 Sylvan Circle founded at Dinas Ambrose, elven calendar begins, age of orcs underway

2300 The dwarf warleader Callormand, patriarch of three mountain kingdoms, inherits the throne of Dale, creating the Empire of Azerzandzar.

2400 Callormand’s son, Abhwop, invades the orcs of Fennwyn, leading to his conquering of much of Fenn and the Gael mountains. The first fortification that would become Abhwop’s Citadel is built in Fenn. Dwarven age begins.

~2900 The dragonborn city-state Motlamar flourishes in central Near.

3100 The Wyone king Koron and the orc leader Gul the Tricked make a deal to exchange their kingdoms: Koron will receive the Wynish forest, and Gul will receive the island of Koronir. After the trade, Koron takes one swing with his axe and destroys Koronir, and countless orcs with it. Azerzandzar claims ownership over Wyn, starting the Wyone-Azerzand War.

3120 Elf siblings Ordo and Sil dispose of the last remaining orc king Dhgh (Durk) the Killer and establish Ordowik and Silure on Wier; their younger brother Aen is given an island. He establishes Dinas Morid.

3130+ Azerzandzar yields to Koron. A power struggle in Azerzandzar cripples the empire. Wyones fill the vacated land in Fenn and become the Gaels. The dwarves who remain in Fenn fight back against the humans to defend their land. First Age of Man begins.

~3200 Motlamar controls western Near and allies with the humans of eastern near.

3500 Motlamarian general Tountus I leads the conquest of Doss, fighting against the Dossyan warlord Ight Gravebound.

3560 Terring Gravebound, grandson of Ight, is killed at his fortress in the Hinterlands by Tountus III. Doss is conquered by Motlamar. Dragonborn leaders establish settlements throught Fennwyn and Doss, but eye Seacastle hungrily. Age of Dragonborn begins.

3810 The Dragon-Sylvic War begins: Motlamar invades Seacastle, and quickly takes ground.

3815 The city of Motlamar is suddenly drowned in a sandstorm. The Motlamarian Empire disappears and Seacastle wins the war mostly unscathed. Second Age of Man begins.

~4400 Drathorism founded in Drath on the Eastern Horn of Near. Drath slowly becomes the most influential city-state in Near.

4736 Tassian Drathor lands his forces in Doss, intending to settle. Treo Ihrad of the Dragon, king of the Ebon Valley, welcomes Tassian and converts to Drathorism. House Ihrad in the Ebon Valley is thus founded at Sermaye. The Drathor Conquest of Doss begins.

4741 House Silverwall at Silverwall City is founded.

4755 House Tiarz at Eveis is founded.

4760 The Drathor Seat, the principal temple of Drathorism on Doss, is established.

4777 House Argon at Morvignis is founded, completing Drath’s control of Doss.

4988 Yimus Drathor the Nail invades Wyn, primarily ruled by King Solud.

4997 Yimus the Nail burns Solud’s great Wooden Palace on the Wyn Jut, effectively winning the conquest. He founds House Sadakair and calls its new capital Solud, through either mockery or respect. Yimus rebuilds the Wooden Palace out of iron.

5050 The Divine Doctrine is written in Wier, proclaiming that Orisoth is the most important and powerful god, but not the only god deserving worship. The King of Ordowik, Queen of Silure and Duke of Dinas Morid declare Doctrinism as their state faiths.

5309 The Drathor Conquest of Fenn begins, fought against a mixture of dwarves and Gaels.

5310 The Eastern Horn of Near, also called the Drathor Horn, is invaded by the hobgoblin warlord Hranang the Wicked of Orient. Drath is razed, and the Drathor bloodline is potentially extinct after nearly a thousand years. The Empire is severely weakened causing the Drathor Seat to claim authority over the Empire until the Drathor bloodline can be revived.

5315 Adderdock is founded.

5322 Grundersind is founded.

5333 Hawkhob is founded.

5345 Mordain is founded.

5353 The Drathor army lays siege to the Gaels controlling Abhwop’s citadel, which had received tremendous fortification over the millennia as it traded hands between Gaels and dwarves.

5363 After a ten year long siege, the Gaels in Abhwop’s Citadel fall, and Iorynth is founded. The Citadel is renamed Orisoth’s Acropolis. The Drathor Empire stalls under its own weight before it can attack Ceasure. The Drathor Seat cannot control the ten houses, and the Empire begins to silently break into pieces.

5420 Religious debates begin in Solud concerning the legitimacy of Drathorism.

5423 King Edmund of Sadakair proclaims Drathorism as a heretical belief, founding Edmaeism and officially separating Sadakair from the Drathor church.

Newwinter 26 5433 Blythe Cottonleaf receives a knock on his door while he is staying in Ordowik (Who is Blyth Cottenleaf? Never met him… Wait! Kyle, you haven’t been DMing for another group behind our backs, have you?).


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