The Nations of Koronir


The island of Doss to the southeast is largely ruled by its four human Drathor kingdoms: Tiarz, Argnon, Silverwall and Ihrad, which form a weak union under the religious command of the Drathor Seat, the largest city in Koronir.


Fennwyn is the island north of Doss, splintered under several unrelated factions. In its southeast is the human kingdom of Sadakair, a powerful nation and the birthplace of Edmaeism. To the northeast lie five smaller human Orisothic nations called the Fenn States: Iorynth, Mordain, Grundersind, Hawkhob and Adderdock. The Drathor Seat and Sadakair have been locked in an age old rivalry of influence over the Fenn States. Northwestern Fennwyn is the human territory of Gealand, a well-bound confederacy of minor Pagan lords. Lastly, southwest Fennwyn features three elven city-states, Ordowik, Silure and Sinas Morid, where Sylvic and Doctrinism are most common.


West of Doss and Fennwyn is the elven island of Seacastle, a sparsely populated but politically strong Sylvan theocracy. According to Sylvan custom, only elves and gnomes are allowed to set foot on Seacastle, but this rule is rarely enforced.

Almsland is an island between Seacastle and Doss, and the former’s territory. The elves opened the island for settlement by anyone.

The Deserts

South of these islands is a dry continent containing the Near Desert in its north (the bearable and populated area) and the Far Desert in its south (the inhospitable area). The ancient dragonborn city of Motlamar, once the capital of an empire, lies in the west Near Desert buried deep under sand.


East of the islands is the continent of Orient. Here, the dwarven nation of Dern lies on a peninsula just east of Fennwyn. The lands of the Old Drathorium lie on another Orient peninsula far to the southeast of Doss, between mainland Orient and the Near Desert. The Old Drathorium was the homeland of the Drathor Empire, before it was conquered by hobgoblins, which led to the Empire’s international collapse.

You can find a map at , but the Deserts and Orient (except for a little bit in the top right corner) are not pictured. Cities are in red, lakes are in blue. Black "x"’s are not owned by a kingdom.


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