Religion of Koronir

Koronir religion
Regional Pagansim
Mix of Paganism and Drathorism
Sylvic Pagansim
Doctrine Orisothism
Dwarven Ancestor Worship

Gods come in two flavors: Orisothism and Pagansim.


Orisothism is the worship of the single dragon god Orisoth and his four aspects called Hands.

Orisoth, neutral good, domains of Good and Sun, favored weapon the longsword.
Daydorron, Hand of Protection, LG, patron of knights and heroes, Lord of the Shield, domains of Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, favors the bastard sword.
Dayadera, Hand of Benevolence, CG, mender of the sick and broken, and Lady of the Hearth, domains of Chaos, Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Repose, favors the sickle.
Masseran, Hand of Conquest, LE, king of competition and Lord of War, domains of Evil, Glory, Law, Nobility, War, favors the halberd.
Massadera, Hand of Wrath, CE, creature of the armageddon, Demon of the Holy Horror, domains of Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, favors the flail.
There are three subsets of Orisothism:

Drathorism, the oldest and most popular sect, believes the collapsed Drathor Empire was chosen by Orisoth to rule under his command.
Edmaeism is the fledgling reaction to the fall of the Drathor Empire, claiming it distorted the faith in order to pursue its own agenda.
Doctrine Orisothism accepts Orisoth, but believes other gods play an important role in governing the universe.


Pagansim/Druidism is whatever pantheons existed before the Drathor Empire’s influence. Humans everywhere still worship their regional gods, and dwarves typically worship their ancestors. Elves’ nature paganism, called Sylvic, is remarkably well organized and influential. (For players, paganism is essentially build-your-own-god.)
The Legend of Dramlee

Breakdown by race

Humans: half Orisothic, half Pagan
Elves: mostly Sylvic
Dwarves: mostly ancestor worship
Dragonborn: mostly Orisothic

Player Made Gods

If you have a pagan god, detail it below.

Itaego – Neutral Good
Domains: Charm, Good, Luck, Sun, Travel
1) Seize the day; go experience the splendors of the world.
2) Be fair with prices and items when exchanging merchandise.
3) People make better friends than enemies; friends make better consumers.
Favored Weapon: Short Sword
Holy Symbol: Freiherr’s Crown above Caduceus

Potetreus– Lawful Good
Domains: Law, Good, Protection, Community, Earth
1) Do what it right and uphold the law.
2) Defend your brothers in arm.
3) Appreciate all that your family has done for you.
4) Use the strength of the earth to help others.
Holy Symbol: Hammer on Shield

Phrixus – True Neutral
Domains: Strength, Nobility, Glory, War, Fire
1) Flaunt your strengths in the presence of others.
2) Always uphold your reputation.
3) Lead the way into battle in a blaze of glory.
Holy Symbol: Sword with Blade of Fire

Almedys – Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Rune, Magic, Artifice, Chaos
1) Knowledge directly leads to power.
2) Dedication to studies leads to perfection of self.
3) The world is full of tools to build and play with.
Holy Symbol: Orb with Rune on it

Searos’s Pantheon

Poteschut – Lawful Good
Domains: Protection, Law, Liberation
1) Protect and care for the weak, the bonded and the sick.
2) Love all people, and respect the knowledge they hold.
3) Heavenly afterlife awaits the just that follow his code.
4) Just as I keep the gods in line, so should you keep your brethren from the fringes of chaos and uncertainty.
5) No gods are to be revered over others, one may be a patron, but all are worthy of worship.
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Holy Symbol: Steel Shield with the Poteschut crest on the front. (Animal Form: Bear)
Background: Poteschut is the father god of the universe and nearly all men are ultimately descended of him and Temuther, his wife. It’s never explained why Poteschut created the world but he has since sworn to protect his creations and allow them to prosper. The first man and woman were the children of him and Temuther, and from them came all humans and elves. Most other races are believed to be various creations by the gods tampering with man and elves. It’s assumed the halflings and gnomes descended from men, while goblins and their subtypes and orcs descended from elves. Dragonborns are seen as the descendants of the usurper god Orisoth, whom Poteschut will one day defeat and cast into the void. The other races are a mysterious origin to the worshipers of Poteschut.

Temuther – Neutral Good
Domains: Weather, Death, Healing, Nature
1) Nature is an ever living force around the world, not sentient, but there to help and impede as it may see fit.
2) Weather is but a hand of nature, there to help or impede mortals. I however may control which it decides to do.
3) Death is but another adventure for the mortal races. Just as there is not this one existence, the next will soon come. Do not fear this next life, but look in interest to what is to come.
4) Those who follow my code will come to me in death to hunt my endless prey, dance in my forests and eat of my fruits.
5) Everything in nature heals over time, as such healing is an acceptance of nature.
6) Mortals are to be shown a respect in death. They are to be dressed and cleaned as they lived in life, and gracefully sent into the next world. Cremation provides the fastest release of the body, but any respectful choice will allow a release to the afterlife.
Favored Weapon: Shortspear
Holy Symbol: Three-ponged topped staff seemingly made of wood and leaves (Animal Form: Stag)
Background: Temuther is the wife of Poteschut and the other of the original gods. Temuther is seen as a loving yet strict mother, only wanting what is best for her people. She gave birth to the first man and woman that descended into the others of humanity. Temuther is sometimes seen as very chaotic for her control over nature, but her willingness to tamper the control brings many to believe her a graceful neutrality. She is seen as the creator of all beastmen, believed to be a blessing of her chaotic likeness. Any who are overcome with lycanthropy are then brought to her in death to hunt.

Strevat – Chaotic Good
Domains: Trickery, Madness, Knowledge, Luck
1) All the other gods are so dull. Incowach just pours over books all day, Temuther just goes off hunting and Poteschut just does nothing. Have some fun with life! Savor the moment and prefer the wild side of life.
2) Let’s face it, if even the gods are dull, mortal life must be worse. Best to salvage that fun; get in on intrigue and secrets. Make some drama to add fun to life.
3) Darkness can be a cover for a predator, or the prey.
4) Luck is a curious thing, it’s sometimes there and other times not. I have a delicate control over it, and let’s be honest, I use it purely to cause more fun for the world. But hey, entropy isn’t always needed, I may be generous.
5) So when you do eventually die, I can say the first thing you will see is me. Well, if there isn’t a line, which there is lately. I can say you’ll see me soon. I’ll decide which god’s little slice of paradise you get to spend eternity in. Life is like a roll of the dice. I decide.
6) For those lucky enough to prove interesting to me as a mortal, I’ll be more than happy to allow you in on my afterlife. To describe it in mortal words, I’d say it’s like a drunken party that never ends. And no one thing is the same, just to make it intriguing.
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Holy Symbol: A short black cloak juxtaposed with an iron dagger (Animal Form: Fox)
Background: Incowach and Strevat are the more curious of the gods. They were not of the original two, but not children of them either. Most accounts put them as brothers of the two gods, Strevat being Poteschut’s brother and Incowach being Temuther’s brother. Others place them as twin brothers of just one god. Strevat is seen as as the fun loving god. Contrary to the popular thinking, Strevat’s teachings are not a way of life. He just revels in creating fun and controlled chaos for mortals. Strevat has no monks, no prayers and rarely has temples. Most community temples do have shrines to him, but there’s no specific dedication to him. He is seen as the god of the common people, the god of solstice parties and fun times. Offerings are made to him when times are bad to make them good and normally when a marriage or other important event occurs. His afterlife is seen like an exclusive area, only for those who really don’t fit into either of the other gods afterlives and still deserve some nice afterlife. Since most people find enjoyment in Poteschut’s orderly humanistic afterlife or Incowach’s scholarly library not many end up with Strevat. But those that do certainly have a damn fun time after death.

Incowach – Neutral
Domains: Magic, Rune, War, Knowledge
1) Magic is a gift of Incowach. It is the strangest and most powerful creation of the gods to bless mortals. As such those gifted with magic should use it. Weapons are brittle in comparison, melee made rudimentary. Only knowledge and magic are the best way to power.
2) The best of men spend time in study. No man with power or a good thought in his mind didn’t spend time learning something. So go, learn of the world, gather knowledge.
3) When man was first created, Incowach had little interest in tampering with them. After some time he did decide to experiment with humans. This first intervention was with power runes; designs tattoo’d onto the skin of men. They were themselves not powerful, but they represented strong devotion to Incowach and his magical prowess, and ultimately led to true understanding for the truly devoted.
4) The gods have interest in men, there is no doubt. But war has always been something the mortals do for some reason. Even Strevat gets little fun out of watching people war with each other. Fighting in general is seen as normal, but full out war is seen as mortal. Incowach is the only god that can convince the others to intervene. But this is rare, and only occurs if mortal men prove they are in great need. This is believed to have happened once when the empire rose to the height of its’ power.
5) The second intervention of Incowach came in the form of sorcerers. All sorcerers, no matter the race, are seen as the children of Incowach. It is he that grants some men the ability to cast great magic from birth. They are his favored individuals and normally become his devoted servants, monks and caretakers. As such, all should show reverence for sorcerers, and treat them as their birthright demands.
Favored Weapon: N/A (Magic)
Holy Symbol: Metallic eye adorned with power runes (Animal Form: Hawk)
Background: Incowach is the most reclusive of the pantheon, rarely appearing before the other gods let alone intervening in mortal affairs. As such his few occurrences are known as the Incowach Interventions, seen as some of the greatest writings of the religion. Little else is known of Incowach, other than his supposed relation to Strevat and possibly Temuther. Incowach’s afterlife is an interesting afterlife. Known as the great library, the afterlife is a glorious temple-library reaching high into the clouds. Inside is every word every written, being written and someday to be written. All who come to Incowach in death spend their days pouring over the books and writing themselves. The tower is filled with scribes, scholars, diplomats and other shrewd members of society. This afterlife can be seen as a college; many graduate students talking and learning from each other while going over their own research with Incowach’s books. And Incowach, he is the professor here. He has the most active role in his afterlife, where he talks and learns with the mortals he found little interest in while alive.


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