Elwyn Maenry

Scholar of magic and the pagan gods


Of “moderate of height, with a bald top, but long white hair down the sides of his head.”

The people of Dale no incredibly little of the enigmatic, loony old man, Elwyn Maenry. They know he came to Dale one day and has been living there ever since, and that he’s a scholar of most things magic. He has the energy of a middle aged man, despite being much older than that. He rarely goes out into the city, unless he’s in need of something from the market or is visiting a temple or school. Other than that, the people of Dale leave him be to do whatever he does .

Usually wearing bright colored robes, Elwyn taught Blythe about the deities of the world, mostly Pagan, but a little Sylvan and Orisothic lore as well. Due to Blythe’s frequent smoking of a pipe, Elwyn grew to dislike smoking, despite owning a pipe himself (but no tobacco). Elywn helped Blythe tap into the connection between him and his deities and showed him how to use that power.

Elwyn’s house has books scattered all around, on bookshelves, tables, and the floor. Their subjects vary from history, to magic, to legends, to the deities, to funny picture books. No one understands exactly why he has so many books of varying subjects, but most people think it’s just because he’s a loony old man, not considering if he possesses any magical ability.

Elwyn Maenry

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